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ADJD-J823 データシート

ADJD-J823 Color Management Controller with Integrated RGB Photosensor AVAGO
Avago Technologies AVAGO
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ADJD-J823 image

The ADJD-J823 is a CMOS mixed-signal IC with integrated RGB photosensors designed to be the optical feedback device of an RGB LED-based backlighting system. A typical system consists of an array of red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs, LED drivers and the ADJD-J823. The device samples the light output from the RGB LED array, processes the color information and adjusts the light output from the RGB LEDs until the target color is achieved. To achieve this, the device integrates an RGB photosensor array, an analog-to-digital converter front-end, a color data processing logic core and a high-resolution 12-bit PWM output generator.

• Integrated RGB photosensor
• Integrated color management feedback controller
• Serial Interface
• Direct interface to standard I2C EEPROM
• 3-channel 12-bit PWM output – Red, Green and Blue LED channels
• Built-in oscillator

• LCD Backlighting

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