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B82790C0 データシート

B82790C0 Data and signal line chokes Common-mode chokes, ring core 0.005 … 4.7 mH, 200 … 1000 mA, 60 °C Epcos
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Rated voltage 42 V AC/80 V DC
Rated inductance 0.005 mH to 4.7 mH
Rated current 200 mA to 1000 mA

■Current-compensated ring core double choke
■Ferrite core
■PPS case (UL 94 V-0)
■Bifilar winding (B82790C0)
■Sector winding (B82790S0)

■Suitable for reflow soldering
■Qualified to AEC-Q200

Suppression of asymmetrical interference coupled in on lines, whereas data signals up to some MHz can pass unaffectedly.
Suppression of asymmetrical and symmetrical interference (by Lstray) coupled in on lines. The high-frequency portions of the symmetrical data signal are decreased so far that EMC problems can be significantly reduced.

■Automotive applications, e.g. CAN bus
■Industrial applications

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