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CDCE949PW データシート

CDCE949PW Flexible Low Power LVCMOS Clock Generator With SSC Support for EMI Reduction TI
Texas Instruments TI
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The CDCE949 and CDCEL949 are modular PLL based low cost, high-performance, programmable clock synthesizers, multipliers and dividers. They generate up to 9 output clocks from a single input frequency. Each output can be programmed in system for any clock frequency up to 230 MHz, using up to four independent configurable PLLs.
The CDCEx949 has separate output supply pins, VDDOUT, 1.8 V for the CDCEL949, and 2.5 V to 3.3 V for CDCE949.
The input accepts an external crystal or LVCMOS clock signal. If an external crystal is used, an on-chip load capacitor is adequate for most applications. The value of the load capacitor is programmable from 0 to 20 pF. Additionally, an on-chip VCXO is selectable, allowing synchronization of the output frequency to an external control signal, that is, a PWM signal.

• Member of Programmable Clock Generator
   – CDCEx913: 1 PLLs, 3 Outputs
   – CDCEx925: 2 PLLs, 5 Outputs
   – CDCEx937: 3 PLLs, 7 Outputs
   – CDCEx949: 4 PLLs, 9 Outputs
• In-System Programmability and EEPROM
   – Serial Programmable Volatile Register
   – Nonvolatile EEPROM to Store Customer
• Flexible Input Clocking Concept
   – External Crystal: 8 to 32 MHz
   – On-Chip VCXO: Pull-Range ±150 ppm
   – Single-Ended LVCMOS Up to 160 MHz
• Free Selectable Output Frequency Up to 230 MHz
• Low-Noise PLL Core
   – PLL Loop Filter Components Integrated
   – Low Period Jitter (Typical 60 ps)
• Separate Output Supply Pins
   – CDCE949: 3.3 V and 2.5 V
   – CDCEL949: 1.8 V
• Flexible Clock Driver
   – Three User-Definable Control Inputs
      [S0/S1/S2], for Example, SSC Selection,
      Frequency Switching, Output Enable or Power
   – Generates Highly Accurate Clocks for Video,
      Audio, USB, IEEE1394, RFID, Bluetooth®,
      WLAN, Ethernet™, and GPS
   – Generates Common Clock Frequencies Used
      With TI-DaVinci™, OMAP™, DSPs
   – Programmable SSC Modulation
   – Enables 0-PPM Clock Generation
• 1.8-V Device Core Supply
• Wide Temperature Range: –40°C to 85°C
• Packaged in TSSOP
• Development and Programming Kit for Easy PLL
   Design and Programming (TI Pro-Clock™)

   D-TVs, STBs, IP-STBs, DVD Players, DVD
   Recorders, and Printers

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