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GP2010IGGPBR データシート

GP2010IGGPBR GPS Receiver RF Front End Mitel
Mitel Networks Mitel
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The GP2010 is Mitel Semiconductor second generation RF Front-end for Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. The GP2010 uses many innovative design techniques and a leading-edge bipolar process to offer a low power, low cost and high reliability RF Front End solution . The GP2010 is designed to operate from either 3 or 5 Volt power supplies.

■ Low Voltage Operation (3V - 5V)
■ Low Power - 200mW typ. (3V supply)
■ C/A Code Compatible
■ On-chip PLL Including Complete VCO
■ Triple Conversion Receiver
■ 44-Lead Surface Mount Quad Flat-Pack Package
■ Sign and Magnitude Digital Outputs
■ Compatible with GP2021 CMOS Correlator

■ C/A Code Global Positioning by Satellite Receivers
■ Time Standards
■ Navigation
■ Surveying


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