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KF3002-GM50A データシート

KF3002-GM50A Thick film thermal printhead (with thermal historical control) ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
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GM50 series is the new product that newly added the future history control and driver LSI which has the function of thermal historical control, to GL50 series which is employing the convertional thick-film fast response thermal element.

1) Newly developed thick-film fast response thermal element and driver LSI with the function of thermal history control which is added the future history control are employed for this series. It is possible to print with super high speed of 10 inches / s or 250mm / s.
2) 150km life realized by attributing durable new protection film.
3) New partial glaze construction makes it compatible with the thermal transfer application.
4) Market-proven G-series printhead construction ensures high reliability.

High speed label printer
High speed bar code printer
High speed ticket printer
Various high speed terminal printers

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