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LD7202 データシート

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NEC LD7202 series of PPM-focused traveling wave tubes are designed for use as final amplifiers tube in the earth-to-satellite communications transmitter.
These are capable of delivering an output power of 600W over the range of 12.75 to 14.5 GHz and provide a high power gain of 52 dB at 600 W output power.
Furthermore, they are of rugged and reliable design offering long-life service. The LD7202 is fully compatible with TH3591B.

○ High Power Gain
    The power gain is typically 52 dB at 600 W level.
○ Simple Cooling System
    The tubes are forced-air-cooled, so that the cooling systems are greatly simplified.
○ PPM Focusing
    All the tubes are PPM (Periodic Permanent Magnet)-focused, eliminating entirely the focusing power supplies
    and interlock circuits.
○ Rugged Construction
    The tubes are designed to be rugged, therefore they are suitable for transportable systems.
○ Long Life and High Stability
    The tubes employ an advanced impregnated cathode with a low operating temperature for long life.
○ Microdischarge Free
    The tubes are carefully designed to be free from microdischarge in the electron gun for long term operation, therefore they are suitable for use in digital communication service.


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