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LK5740-7R データシート

LK5740-7R Temperature Sensors Power-One
Power-One Inc. Power-One
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Power-One offers a wide range of battery charger systems for power requirements of 50 Watt up to 8000 Watt.
For this purpose Power-One supplies temperature sensors and adapted power supplies. The batteries (lead acid bat teries) are charged according to the battery temperature and the ambient temerature. If the battery is fully charged it is maintained at the float charge voltage which represents the optimum point for maximum available energy in case of need and optimum life expectancy of the battery. The type of sensor needed is defined mainly by three parameters:
The nominal battery voltage (e.g. 24 V or 48 V), the tempe rature coefficient of the battery (e.g. –3.0 mV/K/cell) and the nominal floating charge voltage per cell of the battery at 20°C (e.g. 2.27 V/cell). The latter two are defined in the specifications of the battery given by the respective battery manufacturer.


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