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MAX6391 データシート

MAX6391 Dual-Voltage µP Supervisory Circuits with Sequenced Reset Outputs MaximIC
Maxim Integrated MaximIC
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General Description
The MAX6391/MAX6392 microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits provide sequenced logic reset outputs for multi component or dual-voltage systems. Each device can monitor two supply voltages and time-sequence two reset outputs to control the order in which system components are turned on and off. The MAX6391/MAX6392 increase system reliability and reduce circuit complexity and cost compared to separate ICs or discrete components.

♦ Preset VCC Reset Threshold Voltages from 1.58V to 4.63V (master supply)
♦ Customer-Adjustable RESET IN2 to Monitor Voltages Down to 625mV (secondary supply)
♦ Fixed (140ms min) RESET1 Timeout
♦ Fixed (140ms min) or Customer-Adjustable RESET2 Timeout Period
♦ Guaranteed Reset Valid to VCC = 1V
♦ Active-Low Open-Drain Outputs or Push Pull/Open-Drain Combination
♦ Internal Open-Drain Pullup Resistors (for external VOH voltage connections)
♦ Manual Reset Input (MAX6392 only)
♦ Immune to Short Negative VCC Transients
♦ 15µA Typical Supply Current
♦ Few External Components
♦ Small 8-Pin SOT23 Package

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