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MIC1832NY データシート

MIC1832NY µP Supervisory Circuit Micrel
Micrel Micrel
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General Description
The MIC1832 is a multifunction circuit which monitors microprocessor activity, external reset and power supplies in microprocessor based systems. The circuit functions include a watchdog time, power supply monitor, microprocessor reset, and manual pushbutton reset input.

• Power OK/Resettime delay, 250ms min.
• Watchdog timer, 150ms, 600ms, or 1.2s typical
• Precision supply voltage monitor, select between 5% or
   10% of supply voltage
• Avaiable in 8-pin surface mount (SO)
• Debounced External reset input
• Low supply current, <18µA typical

• Autimotive systems
• Intelligent systems
• Critical microprocessor power monitoring
• Battery powered computers
• Controllers

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