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OTC-236 データシート

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The thermopile sensor consists of a series of 44 thermoelements, forming a sensitive area of 0.5*0.5 mm2. The sensor is hermetically sealed into a TO-5 metal housing, with an optical filter. This standard filter allows measurements to be made in the spectral range above 5 µm wavelength. The thermosensor exhibits an almost white noise, comparable to an ohmic resistance. It has a constant signal versus frequency up to its frequency limit, and is directly proportional to incident radiation.

* Ear thermometers; clinic thermometers
* Infrared thermometers
* Consumer applications: hair dryer, micro-wave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator
* Continuous temperature control of manufacturing
* Security system
* Radiation monitor switch system
* Absorbing measurement for gas analysis
* Thermoelectric converter
* Heat flux flowmeter


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