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TMP007AIYZFT データシート

TMP007AIYZFT Infrared Thermopile Sensor with Integrated Math Engine TI
Texas Instruments TI
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TMP007 image

The TMP007 is a fully-integrated microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS) thermopile sensor that measures the temperature of an object without direct contact. The thermopile absorbs passive infrared energy from an object at wavelengths between 4 um to 16 um within the end-user defined field of view.
The internal math engine combines the corresponding change in voltage across the thermopile with the internal cold-junction reference temperature sensor to calculate the target object temperature. The TMP007 also provides nonvolatile memory for storing calibration coefficients.
The TMP007 is designed with portability and power in mind, and can easily be placed in the tightest of spaces while using standard surface-mount assembly processes. Low power consumption also makes it well suited for battery-powered applications.
The TMP006 offers a reduced feature set. The TMP006 offers similar performance as the TMP007, but does not contain the math engine or nonvolatile memory.
The Infrared thermopile sensor is specified to operate from –40°C to +125°C. It is possible to measure object temperature beyond the device operating range as long as the device itself does not exceed the operating temperature range (–40°C to +125°C).

• Integrated MEMS Thermopile for Noncontact
   Temperature Sensing
• 14-Bit Local Temperature Sensor for Cold
   Junction Reference
   – ±1°C (max) from 0°C to +60°C
   – ±1.5°C (max) from –40°C to +125°C
• Integrated Math Engine
   – Directly Read Object Temperature
   – Programmable Alerts
   – Nonvolatile Memory for Storing Calibration
   – Transient Correction
• Two-Wire Serial Interface Options
   – I2C and SMBus Compatible
   – Eight Programmable Addresses
• Low Power
   – Supply: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
   – Active Current: 270 μA (typ)
   – 2-µA Shutdown (max)
• Compact Package
   – 1.9-mm × 1.9-mm × 0.625-mm DSBGA

• Noncontact Temperature Sensing
   – Case Temperature
   – Laser Printers
   – Power Relays
   – Health and Beauty
   – HVAC Comfort Optimization
• Gas Concentration
• Flame Detection

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