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コンポーネント説明 : Mobile Intel® GM45, GS45, and GL40 Express chipsets for Embedded Computing

Product Overview
The Mobile Intel® GM45, GS45, and GL40 Express chipsets provide outstanding flexibility for developers of embedded applications with excellent graphics, memory and I/O bandwidth, as well as remote asset management capabilities, storage speed and reliability. They address requirements of a broad range of embedded applications such as retail and transaction solutions, gaming platforms and industrial automation equipment. The Mobile Intel GM45 and GS45 Express chipsets provide the same feature set and functionality in different form factors, while the Mobile Intel GL40 Express chipset offers a subset of features ideal for value-oriented applications.

These chipsets consist of the Intel® 82GM45/82GS45/82GL40 Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH), and the Intel® I/O Controller Hub 9M (ICH9M), available in three SKUs. The ICH9M delivers outstanding system performance through high-bandwidth interfaces including PCI Express*, Serial ATA, and USB 2.0.

部品番号(s) : NN32251A-VT NN32251A
Panasonic Corporation

NN32251A is a Wireless power system controller IC which is compliant with Qi version 1.1 of the System Description Wireless Power Transfer, Volume 1 for Low Power, defined by Wireless Power Consortium.

● Integrated Wireless power transmitter controller
● WPC Ver. 1.1 ready
● MCU embedded
● Half-bridge gate driver : 4ch (full-bridge gate driver : 2ch also configurable)
● Single-coil (Type A11) supported
● Expanded free positioning using multi-coils up to 4 coils (Type A6)
● Highly accurate voltage and current monitor for inverters
● Output controlled by frequency or duty, defined in Qi.
● ASK demodulation for both current and voltage signals (Qi compliant)
● Input voltage range : VADP, VINV : 4.6 to 19.5V
● Supports Under Voltage Lockout , Thermal Shutdown, Over Current Detection
● Short-circuit protection at inverter output
● Temperature Detecting Circuit : 3ch
● LED indicator : 2ch
● package : 64 pins HQFP (size : 12mm x 12mm)

● WPC-compliant Wireless charger

部品番号(s) : WCN3620
QUALCOMM Incorporated
コンポーネント説明 : Wireless Connectivity IC


The WCN3620 IC integrates three different Wireless connectivity technologies into a single device suitable for handsets and other mobile devices:

-Wireless local area network (WLAN) compliant with the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n specification

-Bluetooth (BT) compliant with the BT specification version 4.0 (BR/EDR+BLE)

-Worldwide FM radio, with Rx modes supporting the Radio Data System (RDS) for Europe and the Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) for the USA

The WCN3620 is a highly integrated IC using the 3.32 × 3.55 × 0.63 mm, 61-pin wafer-level nanoscale package (61 WLNSP) – and is supplemented by modem IC processing (such as the APQ8016 IC, a device in the APQ chipset family) to create a Wireless connectivity solution that reduces the part count and PCB area. The WCN3620 IC ensures hardware and software compatibility with companion Qualcomm® Atheros (QCA) chipsets to simplify the design cycle and reduce the OEM time-to-market cycle.

部品番号(s) : B1013 B1013T
Pulse Electronics
コンポーネント説明 : HDSL TRANSFORMER For Level One chipsets


For Level One chipsets

Matched to Level One’s ICs SK70704/06 and SK70721/25

Excellent THD performance

Maximum height .485" (12,32 mm)

Approved to UL 1950 supplementary insulation require ments for working voltages up to 250 Vrms


Nuvotem Talema
コンポーネント説明 : ADSL Transformers for Centillium chipsets

ADSL Transformers for Centillium chipsets


• complies with ANSI and ETSI requirements

• matched to Centillium CT-L21SC08, CT-L41SC04, CT-L50SC04, CT-L50ST81 & CR-L10AT01-1T chipsets

• very low THD

• 1500V minimum isolation

• all materials approved to UL-94V-0

• excellent quality at competitive price due to high volume production

• manufactured in ISO-9001:2000, TS-16949:2002 and ISO-14001:2004 certified Talema facility

• fully RoHS compliant and meets lead free reflow level J-STD-020C

Conexant Systems
コンポーネント説明 : Integrated VDSL2 CPE Gateway chipsets

Integrated VDSL2 CPE Gateway chipsets

The CX96xxx chipset family enables next-generation, Wireless VDSL2 gateways, VDSL2 VoIP Integrated Access Devices (IADs), and VDSL2 bridges. This chipset includes a highly integrated Analog Front End (AFE) and a single

chip ARM™ based Network Processor (NP), a flexible xDSL DSP core and a field-proven Voice DSP engine.

Distinguishing Features

•  Flexible VDSL2 DSP core architecture, delivering  profiles 8x, 12x, 17a and 30a with long reach

•  2 pair VDSL2 bonding

•  ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2plus fallback capability

•  Two VoIP channels running in internal voice DSP

•  Supports up to 4 VoIP narrowband channels or 2  VoIP wideband channels

•  Enhanced high performance ARM network  processor core

•  16/32-bit DDR-1 interface

•  32-bit x 33MHz Peripheral Component  Interconnect (PCI)

•  Gigabit Media Independent Interface (GMII) with  Ten-Bit Interface (TBI) and Media Independent  Interface (MII) modes

•  MII in master or slave mode

•  ULPI interface for USB 2.0 host/device applications

•  Serial and parallel flash support

•  Up to 2GB NAND flash support

•  HW engine handling all layer 2 switching and layer 3 routing including Network Address Translation (NAT)

•  HW VPN engine supporting DES, 3DES, AES,  SHA-1, SHA-256 and MD5 operations


•  VDSL2 17 MHz or 30 MHz bridges

•  VDSL2 17MHz or 30 MHz gateways

•  Wireless VDSL2 17 MHz or 30 MHz gateways

•  VDSL2 17 MHz or 30 MHz voice gateways

•  VDSL2 12 MHz pair bonded voice gateway

部品番号(s) : KYL-500S
コンポーネント説明 : Smart Wireless Transceiver Data Module

About KYL-500S
KYL-500S, the micro power Wireless transceiver data module is used as the Wireless data transceiver in short-ranges, with the small size, low weight and low power consumption, it has good stability and reliability. This Narrow-band Wireless data trasceivers channel spacing is as low as 25 KHz.

Application of KYL-500S:
KYL-500S the micro power Wireless transceiver data module is suitable for:
* AMR Automatic Meter Reading
* Wireless alarm and security systems
* Building automation, security, Wireless monitoring and control
* Wireless data transmission, automatic data collection system;
* Radio modem can be used for Sports training & competition;
* Wireless dishes ordering;
* Wireless POS, PDA Wireless smart terminal;
* RF modem can be used for Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
* RF transmitter Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
* Wireless telemetry Charging for parking, parking lot;
* Wireless modem Automobile inspection and four-wheel orientation;
* Data communication used for railway, oil field, dock and army.
* LED display in thruway and public places
* Point to multi-point Wireless network, Wireless on-the-spot bus and automatic data collection system;

部品番号(s) : EM-WLU351
コンポーネント説明 : Wireless USB Adapter

* 2.4Ghz ISM band, unlicensed operation

* Wireless connection without the hassless and cost of cabling

* Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b compiant

* Up to 11Mbps data rate with CSMA / CA

部品番号(s) : W83195BR-101 W83195BG-101
コンポーネント説明 : Winbond Clock Generator For Intel 915/925 chipsets

The W83195BR/G-101 is a Clock Synthesizer for Intel P4 processors and Intel Grandsdale chipsets. W83195BR/G-101 provides all clocks required for high-speed microprocessor and provides step-less frequency programming, 32 different frequencies of CPU, PCI, SRC clocks setting. Simultaneously W83194BR-101 supports SRC_SATA 100MHz clock output for SATA and DOT 96MHz clock outputs for integrated graphic chipsets. All clocks are externally selectable with smooth transitions.

• 2 pair 0.7 V current mode Differential clock outputs for CPU
• 6 pair 0.7V current mode Differential clock outputs for SRC and SRC_SATA.
• 1 pair 0.7V current mode Differential 96MHz clock outputs for DOT.
• 6 PCI clock outputs for PCI
• 3 PCI clock free running outputs for PCI
• 1 48 MHz clock output for USB.
• 1 14.318MHz REF clock outputs.
• Step-less frequency programming
• I2C 2-Wire serial interface and support byte read/write and block read/write.
• -0.5% down type spread spectrum in H/W and software select mode.
• Programmable S.S.T. scale to reduce EMI in M/N mode.
• Programmable registers to enable/stop each output.
• Programmable clock outputs to control skew.
• Watch Dog Timer output
• 56 pin SSOP package

コンポーネント説明 : Wireless LAN Medium Access Controller

The Intersil HFA3841 Wireless LAN Medium Access Controller is part of the PRISM® Enterprise 2.4GHz WLAN chip set. The HFA3841 directly interfaces with the Intersil HFA386x family of Baseband Processors, offering a complete end-toend chip set solution for Wireless LAN products. Protocol and PHY support are implemented in firmware to allow custom protocol and different PHY transceivers.

• IEEE802.11 Standard Data Rates: 1, 2, 5.5 and 11Mbps
• Part of the Intersil PRISM Wireless LAN Chip Set
• Full Implementation of the MAC Protocol Specified in IEEE Std. 802.11-1999 and the 802.11b Draft Standard
• Host Interface Supports Full 16-Bit Implementation of PC Card 95, also ISA PnP with Additional Chip
• Host Interface Provides Dual Buffer Access Paths
• External Memory Interface Supports up to 4M bytes RAM
• Internal Encryption Engine Executes IEEE802.11 WEP
• Low Power Operation; 25mA Active, 8mA Doze, <1mA Sleep
• Operation at 2.7V to 3.6V Supply
• 3V to 5V Tolerant Input/Outputs
• 128 Pin LQFP Package Targeted for Type II PC Cards
• IEEE802.11 Wireless LAN MAC Protocol Firmware and Microsoft® Windows® Software Drivers

• High Data Rate Wireless LAN
• PC Card Wireless LAN Adapters
• PCI Wireless LAN Cards (Using Ext. Bridge Chip)
Wireless LAN Modules
Wireless LAN Access Points
Wireless Bridge Products
Wireless Point-to-Multipoint Systems

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