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部品番号(s) : BA5888FP
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : PS3 Driver IC ROHM BA5888FP

ROHM BA5888FP used in PS3 Driver for Opticl pick up laser lens focus and tracking

Brand new original PS3 Driver IC ROHM BA5888FP
Manufacturer : ROHM
Part Number : BA5888FP
Usage : Driver for Laser focus and tracking

Applications :

Sony PS3 Drive Board BMD-001
And other CD-rom DVD rom

Package Included:

1 X ROHM BA5888FP PS3 Driver for Laser

部品番号(s) : BA7622
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : 75Ω Driver IC with 3 internal circuits

The BA7622F is a 75Ω Driver-IC developed for use in video equipment. It includes three 75Ω Driver circuis,two of which have sync-tip clamp inputs.The other Driver has a biased input terminated with a 20kΩ resistor.Each output can drive two loads (75Ω × 2).

1) Two built-in clamp circuits.
2) Simultaneous drive of Y, C and composite video signals possible.
3) Each output can drive two loads.

    Video cassette recorders, televisions and camcorders

部品番号(s) : BA13002F
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : Interface Driver for microcomputer peripheral and display devices

Interface Driver for microcomputer peripheral and display devices

   Drivers for LEDs, lamps, relays and solenoids
   Interface with other elements

部品番号(s) : BD4210EKN
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : Strobe Charge Control IC

部品番号(s) : BD9766FV
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : DC-AC Inverter Control IC

部品番号(s) : BD3508EKN
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : Silicon monolithic integrated circuit 1ch Series Regulator Driver IC

Silicon monolithic integrated circuit

1ch Series Regulator Driver IC

部品番号(s) : BA6477FS BA6486FS
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : FDD spindle motor Driver

The BA6486FS is a one-chip IC designed for driving 12V FDD spindle motors. This high-performance IC employs a 3-phase, full-wave soft switching drive system, and contains a digital servo, an index amplifier, and a power save circuit.

The compactly packaged IC reduces the number of external components required.

部品番号(s) : BA5810FM BA5810FP
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : Driver IC for CD / CD-ROM

Driver IC for CD / CD-ROM

BA5810FP is a 5CH Driver with 4CH BTL Driver for CD/CD-ROM and 1CH reversible Driver. 4CH 2CH can be used as a stepping motor Driver. Power supply for PREVCC and power transistor (CH1,2 and CH3,4) Since it is independent, efficient drive is possible. The power save terminal saves power for reset.

1) It is mounted on the HSOP28 power package, which enables downsizing of the set.
2) Built-in thermal shutdown circuit.
3) Wide dynamic range of BTL Driver output. (PREVCC=12V, POWVCC=5V 4.0V (Typ.))
4) Of the 4CH BTL Drivers, 2CH has a general-purpose operational amplifier connected to the input stage.
5) The loading output can be changed by the output control terminal.

   CD, CD-ROM, other optical DISC related

(Google Trans...)

部品番号(s) : BA6109
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : Reversible motor Driver

部品番号(s) : BD7907FS
ROHM Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : 6-channel Combo Driver IC


BD7907FS is a 6-channel Driver IC that integrates all Drivers necessary for CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM systems into a single chip.  The built-in 2-channel sled motor Driver is used for the stepping motor.  Low heat operation can be achieved by applying the PWM driving system for sled and spindle motor Drivers.


1) Motor Drivers for spindle, sled (2-channel) and loading, and actuator Drivers for tracking are all

integrated into a single chip.

2) ON/OFF for each Driver, brake mode switching of spindle and stand-by mode switching can be

controlled by 2-wire serial data.  

3) Built-in triangular-wave generator

4) SSOP-A54 package

5) Built-in thermal shut-down circuit

6) Highly efficient by applying the PWM drive and Low ON resistance POWER MOSFET

7) Built-in current limit, hall bias, short brake, FG 3-phase synthesis output, and reverse protection circuit

8) Highly efficient due to the PWM drive

9) Built-in 2-channel for the stepping motor

10) Low noise due to the linear BTL Driver and smooth spin


CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and any other equipment driven by optical DISC

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