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The Broadcom® BCM4330 single chip device provides for the highest level of integration for a mobile or handheld wireless system, with integrated IEEE 802.11™ a/b/g and single-stream 802.11n (MAC/baseband/radio), Bluetooth® 4.0 + HS, and FM radio receiver and transmitter. It includes on-chip 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WLAN CMOS power amplifiers that meet the output power requirements of most handheld systems while permitting an optional external power amplifier for higher output power applications, if required.
Utilizing advanced design techniques and process technology to reduce active and idle power, the BCM4330 is designed to address the needs of highly mobile devices that require minimal power consumption and compact size. It includes a power management unit which simplifies the system power topology and allows for operation directly from a mobile platform battery while maximizing battery life.

IEEE 802.11x Key Features
• Single-band 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n or dual
   band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n (non
• Single stream 802.11n support for 20 MHz
   channels provides PHY layer rates up to MCS7
   (72 Mbps) for typical upper-layer throughput
   in excess of 45 Mbps.
• Integrated CMOS power amplifiers with
   internal power-detectors and closed-loop
   power control can deliver greater than
   18 dBm of linear output power (in 2.4 GHz
• PAs can be powered directly from VBAT,
   eliminating the need for a PALDO.
• Up to 8 RF control signals are available to
   support optional external PAs for higher
   output power and LNAs for enhanced
• Supports a single 2.4 GHz antenna shared
   between WLAN and Bluetooth.
• Shared Bluetooth and WLAN receive signal
   path eliminates the need for an external
   power splitter while maintaining excellent
   sensitivity for both Bluetooth and WLAN.
• Internal fractional nPLL allows support for a
   wide range of reference clock frequencies
• Supports IEEE 802.15.2 external three-wire
   coexistence scheme to optimize bandwidth
   utilization with other co-located wireless
   technologies such as GPS, WiMax, or UWB
• Supports standard SDIO v2.0 (50 MHz, 4-bit
   and 1-bit), and gSPI (48 MHz) host interfaces.
• Alternative host interface supports HSIC (a
   USB 2.0 derivative for short-distance, on
   board connections).
• Integrated ARM® Cortex-M3 processor and
   on-chip memory for complete WLAN
   subsystem functionality, minimizing the need
   to wake up the applications processor for
   standard WLAN functions. This allows for
   further minimization of power consumption,
   while maintaining the ability to field upgrade
   with future features.
• OneDriver™ software architecture for easy
   migration from existing embedded WLAN and
   Bluetooth devices as well as future devices.

Bluetooth and FM Key Features
• Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0 + HS compliant
   with provisions for supporting future specifications
• Bluetooth Class 1 or Class 2 transmitter operation
• Supports extended Synchronous Connections (eSCO), for
   enhanced voice quality by allowing for retransmission of
   dropped packets
• Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) for reducing radio
   frequency interference
• Interface support—Host Controller Interface (HCI) using
   a high-speed UART interface and PCM for audio data
• The FM unit supports HCI for communication, stereo
   analog input and output
• Low-power consumption improves battery life of
   handheld devices
• FM receiver: 65 MHz to 108 MHz FM bands; supports the
   European Radio Data Systems (RDS) and the North
   American Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) standards
• Supports multiple simultaneous Advanced Audio
   Distribution Profiles (A2DP) for stereo sound
• Automatic frequency detection for standard crystal and
   TCXO values
• FM transmitter: 65 MHz to 108 MHz bands; supports
   both RDS and the RBDS standards and programmable
   output power.
General Features
• Supports battery voltage range from 2.3V to 4.8V
   supplies with internal switching regulator
• Programmable dynamic power management
• 2 Kbit OTP for storing board parameters
• Package options:
   - 144 ball FCFBGA (6.5 mm x 6.5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)
   - 133 ball WLBGA (4.89 mm x 5.33 mm, 0.4 mm pitch)
   - 225 bump WLCSP (4.89 mm x 5.33 mm, 0.2 mm
• Security:
   - WPA™- and WPA2™- (Personal) support for powerful
      encryption and authentication
   - AES and TKIP in hardware for faster data encryption
      and 802.11i compatibility
   - Reference WLAN subsystem provides
      Cisco® Compatible Extension- (CCX,
      CCX 2.0, CCX 3.0, CCX 4.0, CCX 5.0) certified
   - Reference WLAN subsystem provides Wi-Fi
      Protected Setup (WPS)
• Worldwide regulatory support: Global products
   supported with worldwide homologated design

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