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コンポーネント説明 : Ge PNP Drift

RF Amplifier IF Amplifier

• High fαb

コンポーネント説明 : Intelligent Frequency Synthesizers



The PNP-1090-P22 is a complete low noise frequency synthesizer, comprised of VCO, PLL, loop filter and data interface. The PNP family of RF signal sources is the world’s first truly configurable frequency synthesizer module.


∗  1500-2500 MHz Frequency Range

∗  Programmable Step Size

∗  Low Integrated Phase Noise

∗  Simplified Programming


∗  Wireless Infrastructure

∗  Test Equipment

∗  Wireless LAN

部品番号(s) : PNP_ PNP(CONT.)_
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : FAIRCHILD Small Signal Transistors


コンポーネント説明 : High Performance Voice Processor for Automotive Handsfree


Incorporating the latest Fortemedia technologies for removing ambient noise and acoustic echoes, the FM1288 preserves voice naturalness for greater speech intelligibility in a variety of noisy automotive enviroments. Designed to be compatible with a wide range of host processors and blue-tooth devices, the FM1288 voice processor is designed for easy system integration.

Key Features
■ Highly integrated SOC
   o Digital Signal Processor(DSP) with Hardware Accelerators, RAM, and ROM
   o 3 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)
   o 2 DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)
   o Differential I/O on all analogs to improve noise immunity
   o 2 On-chip analog microphone inputs
   o IIC-Compatible Serial (SHI) and UART control interface to host processor
   o IIS-Compatible and PCM data interface to host or Bluetooth processor
   o Built-in PLL supports highly flexible clocking input
   o Can operate as co-processor or as standalone processor
■ High performance
   o Advanced algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
   o Robust full-duplex for in-vehicle applications
   o Preserves voice naturalness and effective in automotive environment
   o Wideband (HD Voice) and narrowband voice processing
   o Bright Voice Enhancement (BVE) for downlink listening improvement
   o Dynamic Range Control (DRC) for range control
   o Equalization (EQL) on uplink and downlink voice paths
   o Line in and Line out signal path Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
   o Configurable processing modules performance
   o Non-invasive run-time performance tuning via UART and IIC-compatible port
   o Run time switching between processing mode and various by-pass modes
   o User-selectable between two microphone inputs (usage - one for
      front-seat passengers and another for back-seat passengers in vehicle cabins)
■ Available in 48-pin LQFP packages, Automotive Grade

部品番号(s) : GKT-GE
Kingtronics International Company
Kingtronics International Company
コンポーネント説明 : Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor–Radial

✦ High temperature, Long Life, High Stability.
✦ Ensure life: 130℃ 3000 hours, 105℃ 12000 hours.
✦ Extremely designed for LED lighting, Electronic energy saving lamps, Electronic ballast.

部品番号(s) : FZT789A-PNP FZT789A
Zetex => Diodes
Zetex => Diodes

* Extremely low equivalent on-resistance; RCE(sat) 93mΩ at 3A
* Gain of 200 at IC=2 Amps and very low saturation voltage

* Battery powered circuits, fast charge converters

部品番号(s) : DOS-1204-GE 6048153
コンポーネント説明 : Plug connectors and cables

Plug connectors and cables

部品番号(s) : 2N1100
New Jersey Semiconductor
New Jersey Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : GE PNP POWER BJT

Description: Ge PNP Power BJT

Astec Semiconductor => Silicon Link
Astec Semiconductor => Silicon Link
コンポーネント説明 : Semicustom Bipolar Array


The AS17xx is Astec’s proprietary semicustom bipolar array. This semicustom IC is a collection of individual transistors and resistors in a fixed configuration. The custom circuit is manufactured by creating a single metal mask to connect the components. This allows the designer to deal with only one mask for the IC layout instead of the actual 10 mask process.


Size (single tile)

• 87 x 75 mils Expandability of array (to 2 or 4 tiles)

Component Availability (single tile)

• Small NPN 48

• Dual collector PNP 21

• Vertical PNP 4

• Power NPN 3

• Diffused Resistors (total) ≈300 kΩ

• Pinch Resistors (3-terminal, 30kΩ) 8

• Cross-unders 13

• Buses 6

Basic Electrical Specs

• Transistor Matching (NPN & PNP) <2%

• Primary voltage limitations:

   LVCEO 18 V

   BVCBO 30 V

• Diffusion to substrate

   (Ground) 30 V

• NPN Parameters

   Beta 80–500

   fT(1mA) 300 MHz

   BVEBO 7 V

PNP Parameters:

   Beta 20–300

   fT(1mA) 300 MHz

   BVEBO 30 V

部品番号(s) : 2N3614
New Jersey Semiconductor
New Jersey Semiconductor
コンポーネント説明 : GE PNP POWER BJT

Description: Ge PNP Power BJT

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